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Post  Reaper on Sun Oct 17, 2010 11:46 am

Tournaments 1st-4th gen ONLY

We will hold bi-weeky tournaments. (every 2 weeks)

1) Tournaments will be elimination style, single elimination.

2) Opponents will be RANDOMLY chosen by either myself, or the Moderator in charge of the tournament.

3) One Moderator will not participate in each tournament to act as an impartial judge.

4) Tournaments will be limited to pokemon from the OU tier and below, unless otherwise stated by ME. (so don't believe anyone else if i have not posted it). Once in awhile, there will be tournaments for specific tiers (UU, NFE, etc.), so we encourage you to have a team for each tier Very Happy

5) Tournament winners will receive a special badge, in addition to a PEF (Pokemon Elite Forums) tournament event pokemon. This will be one-of-a-kind with the OT being PEFxx (xx representing two numbers unique to each pokemon).

6) Last but not least, remember this is for FUN, please don't be rude or disrespectful if you lose.

Moderators, if you feel something has been left out feel free to add it. Thank you.


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