Anyone interested in a Wishchu?

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Anyone interested in a Wishchu?

Post  Simmedon on Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:47 pm

I just got a Pichu in an egg that knows Wish. It's already hatched, but still UT. First come first served (I'm not cloning this one).

Once I find some good quotes, they will be coming here...

"Yeah after battleing Cynthia's Garchomp in Diamond Pearl and Platinum I have many things to say about her garchomp and Cute is not one of them..." ~Nowujalo

"could agility + baton pass to him and it's speed would be awesome and could do his business easily" ~NightCrawler9

"yeah, the entire AFC west is rebuilding, well IDK what the Chargers are doing, but I still expect them to make a strong run" ~steelcity66

"QB Jay Cutler found a new favorite target: Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall." ~Walker

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